Shrink label batteries    
PVC materials used by the machine direction tensile, with the heat longitudinal systolic function to prevent leakage of liquid batteries, printed highlights the unique products shiny appearance lap of packaging suitable for use in the labeling machine.

 Barcode labels    

  Electronic product labels.    
Internal major labels used in cell phones, electrical label notebook computer labels, labels, etc. electromechanical products. High temperature, wear, waterproof properties. According to the properties of the product can choose different surface materials, surface materials can be divided into types of coated paper, thermal paper, paper-powder 111,400 Yinlong, PET, PVC, etc.

  Adhesive labels Color    
Adhesive labels based on color paper, film or special materials for fabric, coated with adhesive back to the end of silicon protection permits for a composite of paper. Widely used in electronics, medicine, food, toys, chemical products that warnings.

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