Anti-static adhesive materials : 3M-467 adhesive material can be used : anti-static adhesive static defending against the printed circuit board materials, to reduce electromagnetic interference.
Tape silicone rubber gasket : silicone rubber gasket silica surface using 3M 9731 adhesive tape adhesive pads silicone rubber keypads, acrylic plastic adhesive plastic bottom surface.
Tape conductivity : fixed fin heat conduction in the chip group or soft boards, thermal conductivity is immediately adhesive tape, insulation, and high thermal conductivity low gas release.
Button Switch : 3M film frequencies affordable keyboard-intensive, constantly beating action.
Single Market : gum excellent layout of the circuit board layout ideal plate for protection products.
Seal electronic equipment : 3M 4318 artificial rubber belt can be used to buffer Paomian sealed box from computer printers to help curb the noise.
Belt assembly : With a certain degree of plasticity and viscosity can be tailored to waterproof components, special laminate and sealed Paomian structure can improve production efficiency.
Films tape : In LCD monitors, cell phone, PDA, equipment, instruments and other products on the surface protection and effective protection products in the processing, transportation, use and wear, it is desirable to protect the material.
Electronic equipment adhesive : 3M double-sided laminate film Button Switch strong adhesive to ensure that, regardless of those posted

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