The structure of Label

On the Label printing technology and processing methods,We need to find out what is the Label Printing, and it is any different than the traditional printed labels.Label also called self-adhesive label and promptly stickers, stickers, sensitive papers on paper, film or special materials for fabric.coated with an adhesive back to the end of silicon protection permits for a composite of paper, and printing.Mold and other processed into finished labels.Application only stripping paper from the bottom, lightly hit, can be affixed to all the surface of the substrate.Labeling machines on the production line can also use automatic labeling.
Label Printing Process in his speech at the same time,We must also understand the Adhesive materials as printed materials and the basic structure of the function.Adhesive materials from the surface of the structure is made up of three parts, namely, surface materials, adhesives and the end of paper,But from the perspective of manufacturing and quality assurance analysis Adhesive materials from seven components :
1、Surface Coating  
For the change of surface properties of surface materials.If improved surface tension, change in color, such as additional protective layer to make them more readily acceptable and printing ink, to prevent Combination reached.Graphic Ink increased adhesion strength and prevent peeling purposes.Mainly be used for non-absorbent surface coating materials, such as aluminum foil, Aluminiumized Paper, and various kinds of films.  
2、Surface material
That the surface material is a positive acceptance printing photographs of the back and eventually accepted an adhesive sticker was applied to the material.Generally speaking, all the materials can be deformed as the Fabric Adhesive materials, such as used paper, film,Composite foil, various textiles, and other types of thin sheet metal and rubber.Ultimately depends on the type of surface materials and printing processes.Printing and print materials to be able to adapt to face, a good harmony, and have sufficient strength to a variety of processing, such as cutting,waste removal, slitting, punching and labeling so. 
3、Mr bottom 
Its surface coating with the same surface material is coated on the back, Mr bottom of the main purposes :
(1) protection of surface material, adhesive to prevent infiltration.
(2) an increase in the translucent fabric;
(3) To increase the bond between the adhesive material with the surface;
(4) To prevent the infiltration of plasticizer plastic adhesive surface of the wood, its adhesive properties.Bond capacity led to the labeling, peeling labels. 
Adhesive bonding of the substrate material and the media labeling, a link.According to characteristics can be divided into two categories of permanent and removed.It has a variety of formulations for different occasions and different surface materials.Pressure sensitive adhesive materials technology is the most important element is the key to label application technology.
5、Off coating (Mr silicon)
At the end of paper coated with silicone layer of silicone coated paper will be the end of the low surface tension, a very smooth the end of the paper is to prevent the adhesive bonding.
6、End paper
From the end of paper-coating to accept the role of protecting the back of the adhesive surface materials, surface material support to enable them to carry out die.waste removal and labeling machine labeling.
7、India coating on the back of the back
On the back end of the paper coating on the back of a protective coating to prevent waste removal, Winder around the label adhesive bonding in the end the paper.Another role is to create multi-label.India is in the back end of the paper to print on the back of the registration of trade marks or patterns of production, playing the role of propaganda and security.




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