Adhesive materials Die
  Adhesive is a composite material from the surface materials, adhesives, coatings and bottom paper silicone component, as shown in figure 1.

  Adhesive materials die from traditional print materials such as paper cutting, is to cut through the whole material;Adhesive materials and the wood surface and die just to cut through the adhesive layer and the surface of the paper and retain the end of silicone coating,Forming eventually die in the end to retain the label paper

    Adhesive materials with a variety of die-quality factors, such as cutting, precision die-cutting equipment, precision die-board,matching materials with cutting blades, in addition, Die Adhesive materials and the quality of the properties, such as tissues,the end of paper and adhesive properties of different materials of various Adhesive Die characteristics are different. 
  Adhesive materials on the surface below materials, adhesives and cutting quality of the end of the paper to give a brief introduction. 
  The impact of the die surface material 
  Die factors affecting the quality of the type of surface material, strength and thickness.  
  1.The type of surface material 
  Wood and paper surface film can basically be divided into two categories. 
  Kind of cut paper with the general principles of slightly different film materials.Although theoretically speaking, when they will face cutting wood and adhesive wear all together.But Die Cutting paper and paper materials is the combined result of stress fracture.Cutting down is the best paper to the two sides will also squeeze, therefore, relatively speaking,The paper-like material is not very high precision cutting.Analysis of the samples will often see some labels Flash, which is due to the coarse fiber, and natural form of fracture.

  Die characteristics of the paper-based materials, and taking into account the best wear.Flat-cutting blades are usually required for a 52 ° angle, angle, the deformation of the material on,The horizontal separation of power that will enable fracture separation intensified.
 Die-film materials, simple, that is to completely cut through the process.Because most film-like material with toughness, not natural fracture, two-thirds of all wear is not appropriate.all must wear full four-fifths, or cut through the thickness, together with labels row will be a waste of time and stripping.   
  Therefore, the best film to die sharp, high hardness, using small-angle cutting knife.usually the best angle of 30 ° its vicinity.If the use of wide-angle cutting knife, not cutting difficult, if not sharp bladed wood must not wear face will appear.Fracture end of the paper, or label the products appeared on the verge of flanging, seepage caused by plastic.In short, precision die-film materials than paper, precision cutting equipment to film,Die-end version of the paper and have a certain degree of accuracy required.  
  2.The intensity of surface material  
  Surface materials with the strength of the surface material thickness, fiber (polymer) of the structure and its humidity.Adhesive materials in the cutting process, the most important factor associated with the surface material is waste removal rate.Environmental humidity, the greater the intensity of their own material Moisturized weak, so easily pulled off, but to no waste removal.  
 Format Design, according to the strength and reasonable arrangements through the test size labels waste removal and waste speedThis will not only increase productivity but also reduce the waste of materials.
  3.The thickness of surface material
  Die direct impact on the depth of the material thickness, material more thick, the easier it die.Because of the thicker material, cutting greater tolerance, the greater the probability of a small paper cut hole in the bottom.Relatively speaking, lightweight materials that easily cut through the end of the paper fault.Pressing on the same level as labels on each die-cutting machine and 60g/m2 80g/m2, face the end of the same paper materials.The results showed : 80g/m2 normal material cutting waste removal and replaced 60g/m2 materialsMold often waste removal at fault, and the end of paper cuts off subscript, the need to shut down version pad for waste much.There are many reasons for such a situation, or reduce the use of Rotary Die Die areaThe use of high-precision equipment that can reduce or avoid this phenomenon.So cutting thin surface material, the equipment must be of high precision,to reduce die size (especially small label), the use of professional production version of the Die Mold,Furthermore, we need to pay attention to pad version of accuracy.Proportional to the intensity with the thickness of surface materials, direct impact on waste removal rate.60g/m2 materials can be used to do 80g/m2 waste removal and contrast tests;The result is the production efficiency of the former than the latter 20% -30%.
  Die impact on the adhesive
  Pressure sensitive adhesive materials used four types : acrylic latex water.rubber or rubber-like hot melt adhesive and solvent-based acrylic adhesive, which is the most widely used latex and hot-melt adhesives.  
  As the adhesive raw materials and different formula, not the same physical and chemical properties.Water emulsion is from the tiny capsule form, cohesive relatively small, easy separation between the laminate.and the hot melt adhesive is cohesive rubber-like material composition, film separation between difficult.Die So, if the water is latex materials, and adhesive layers were not cut or no cut in the circumstances,the same label waste removal, waste removal pulled off easily when the air heating.Adhesive Type die in hot melt adhesive materials, if not die in place, while paper together with a label the end of paper cuts.Only completely cut off because of hot melt adhesive layer (or most cutting) can be normal waste removal.Otherwise, the film would not wear all together with labels removed, a die-raising difficulties.
  To this end, cutting-Adhesive latex material is relatively easy, hot-melt adhesive - Adhesive materials on the cutting higher technical requirements.This is a large processing hot melt adhesive materials, the main cause of low productivity.  
  Die end of the paper
  Die-end quality paper quality is the key to the end of the paper thickness, flatness,Die fiber structure and intensity of a direct
impact on quality.Currently, the end of the paper used are divided into two major categories, namely, opaque and translucent paper end of the end of paper.Adhesive materials in a novel quantitative general opaque end 90g/m2 above a certain step, the paper for printing leaflets,also suitable for Web, more refined label for manual labeling.Adhesive materials transparent end of a novel quantitative 60~70g/m2 generally, the end of the fiber density or bear a certain degree.mainly for Web and is not suitable sheet printing product labels for automatic labeling.
Adhesive materials required permits end of flatness, thickness uniformity, the same degree of transparency, density, the better.Die-face in order to build integrity.  
1.End opaque paper  
Opaque to the end of the paper commonly used to distinguish colors, yellow and white can be classified into two types; Structural distinction,PE coating and pastes into two non-PE coating.PE coating coated paper has two purposes : First, to shut it smooth surface of the pore formation, in its previous silicone coating.reduce the amount of coating, reduce costs; Another role is to improve the cutting propertiesPE coating equivalent to the cost of cushion because we have a certain toughness and flexibility, reduce paper end of the fault.Practice shows that with the end of the PE coated paper, the performance is far below the fracture resistance is not the end of the paper with PE coating materials. 
As for the main label with thick edge paper manual labeling, cutting quality manual labeling failed to a certain extent,If cutting continued, with labels together will be a waste of time and manual Jiexialai row; If the end of paper cuts or cuts half604 operator is also extremely difficult.  
Flat-at the end of opaque paper on the die-cutting machine, common fault rupture is the end of paper.Therefore, to ensure accuracy and liner cutting knife on the basis of the formation, to use flatness,Fiber Rally Congress and thickness uniformity of the end of paper, to improve the quality of cutting.  
2.Translucent paper end  
Translucent paper called Bode end paper, and label printing paper Adhesive materials used Gerasin end (the end glass paper).Gerasin There are two indicators for the end of paper cutting will affect the quality and thickness uniformity : First, Second, fibrous structure.Which is the most important end of the paper thickness uniformity, particularly Rotary Die,Roll the die size by the end of a knife because of the thickness of paper, if the end of paper thickness,blade will cut through or not in the end all permits for waste removal processes in trouble.
  Gerasin end of the fiber structure of the paper Rotary Die, the main impact of cutting speedbecause fiber waste directly affecting the fracture rate, the faster the speed, the greater the tension, waste removal easier.If the material itself intensity may increase cutting speed.However, the slower rate of Flat-Die-fiber structure of the die-quality much.In addition, the fiber fracture toughness and resistance to cutting nature of great quality, good toughness of the end of paper fiber,In low precision equipment problems may not die, but if the end of the fiber paper brittle and ductile poor.only in equipment and high precision, good quality equipment for die-cutting process, which shows thatPrecision is one of the factors which affect cutting quality. 
  We have encountered such a case : there are two different surface materials, the end of the paper Adhesive materialsTwo labels processing equipment at the same time, resulting in high precision die-cutting equipment, the cutting quality of both materials are normal;and the low accuracy of the equipment die, the end of the fiber material toughness often worse problems, normal production.This case shows that the quality and cutting Adhesive materials itself, but also with the accuracy of the equipment.  
  Die techniques  
  Since the Label material properties such as surface materials Adhesive strengthThe adhesive strength of character and the end of the paper label to a certain extent, affect the quality of the die.Adhesive labels in the choice of materials and processing it, it should have certain requirements,using high-quality materials and the corresponding die, to improve the quality label die.Through my many years of practice, and the problems encountered in the work summarized, Adhesive correct choice of materials,Several die-effectively improve the quality of attention.
1) Do not use paper-like material over the Die Die Die film version, as has the best wear.Die is no longer suitable for film.
2) platen die-cutting, to reduce die area, in particular full version of small labels, layout, row knife,difficult to guarantee quality.
3) platen die-cutting mat when version must be frequently changed, especially long version wood processing,The new mark will be affected because all the die-quality labels.
4) regular checks of cutting quality, in particular the automatic labeling label.To avoid large quantities of quality.Specific method is to use coated paper signals the end of the pen, the paper check mark in the end of penetration.
5) cutting large, complex designs label manufacturers to produce Die professional version, it will ensure cutting accuracy.
6) To maintain a sharp blade, file, record the use of each piece of die-board for the timely replacement blades.
7) with small-angle, high hardness of the blade cutting exclusive film Adhesive materials, especially PET.


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